How to use UV ink correctly in the work of UV printer?

How to use UV ink correctly in the work of UV printer?


How to use UV ink correctly in the work of UV printer?

What do you use to use a small trick in UV ink during the use of printing? Several suggestions must be remembered:

UV ink

1. Make sure that the ink cartridge of the UV tablet printer is complete;

2. Try to use the high -quality original ink provided by the manufacturer;

3. Before filling ink in the ink box, shake the ink bottle first, so that the ink is uniform and then poured into the ink box into the machine ink box. Shaking the ink bottle helps the ingredients in the ink at the bottom uniformly and fully integrated. At the same time, add ink as much as possible, and be sure to take an appropriate amount (about half of the ink cartridge), so as to avoid waste of ink. More diligence can help the cycle of ink. If the amount is added, it will cause the ink cartridge in use. After adding ink, remember to twist the ink cap, because UV ink is not suitable for nakedness in the air, and the entry of dust will make the ink deteriorate.

4. Ink should be stored in the dark position, and it cannot be exposed to the sun. The temperature of the ink of the UV printer is 20 ° C -35 ° C, and the humidity is 35%-65%, so that the ink stored in this way will be the best state.

5. Before the UV printer is replaced by ink, the original ink box should be completely cleaned, otherwise two different ink will be mixed, which will cause problems such as chemical reactions to cause blockage. At the same time, it is not recommended to use the ink function of the UV tablet printer to extract the ink in the ink box. This operation not only consumes timely loss, but also is not clean.

The correct operation method is: dry the ink in the ink box with a syringe, and at the same time, use a syringe to draw the ink and ink in the ink tube with a syringe. Wipe the inside of the ink box with a cloth. After the above is processed, the new ink can be added to the ink box. At the same time, the new ink is pumped into the entire ink road with a syringe at the end of the ink sac. Put the ink sac, start the machine automatically, and then print it after printing the test bar. You can start printing.

6. For too long ink, please pay attention to check the ink date, so as not to pour into the ink box and change the ink. UV printers are also greatly improved for the fluency of the ink of the machine. If the test bar has the phenomenon of flying ink, it should also pay attention to the temperature and humidity; the weather is too cold, which can increase the heater to allow the ink to be in the appropriate temperature and humidity, which is conducive to ensuring the quality of printing.

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