Does the UV printer really need to use the original original UV ink?

Does the UV printer really need to use the original original UV ink?


Does the UV printer really need to use the original original UV ink?

First, it is connected to the print head.

Different UV printers have different material types, internal channels, electronic transistors, ignition frequencies, and nozzles. This requires UV ink to meet the characteristics of the nozzle itself, otherwise the printer will not work properly. More importantly, it may damage the nozzle.

UV ink

Secondly, it is related to UV ink.

As a UV printer manufacturer, all UV inks have been tested by different materials such as paint, varnish, and white ink before leaving the factory to ensure compatibility, waterproof, scratch resistance and resistance. If the ink is replaced, it will not achieve the expected effect, and it will easily cause the expected consequences such as fading and falling off.

Third, it is related to after -sales service.

When customers buy machines, we will not only ensure that the machine runs well, but also ensure that the printing effect is good. More importantly, we will allocate different ICC configuration files according to the printing materials to make the color more vivid. These are professional. Without professional knowledge or professional equipment, most customers cannot do these tasks well.

Finally, it is connected to the LED light.

The wavelength of LED must be matched with the UV ink, otherwise UV ink cannot be solidified. At the same time, the power of LED is also important. If the power is too strong, the LED may damage the material due to heat. If the power is too small, the ink cannot be completely solidified.

In short, it is best to use the original UV ink of the manufacturer. If the customer uses other ink, it will not only lose the after -sales protection, but also lose a lot of funds. What's more, there is a big problem with changing ink.

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